KNOW-HOWS of sorting and processing of dispersed materials

Separation of abrasive powders:
* Dry separation of powders on narrow ranged fractions with excess of the requirements of the present standards
* Effective exception of a coarse fraction
* Improvement of the quality of clean-off processing of surfaces

                                                     Ovalization of abrasives:
                                                     * Increase of the contents of isometric particles up to 95-100 %
                                                     * Rejection of defective particles
                                                     * Increase of durability of fixation of the particles in the abrasive tools
                                                     * Improvement of the quality of a polishing surfaces
                                                     * Increase of mean durability of a abrasive particles

Mechano-activation of materials for preparation of hard-alloy and diamond tools:
* Temperature fall of a sintering of a detail
* Increase of resource, durability and efficiency of the tools

                                                     Preparation of materials for a powder metallurgy:
                                                     * Considerable increase of bulk weight
                                                     * Increase of afterflow
                                                     * Increase of durability of the details

Grinding of ceramic and crystalline materials and glasses:
* High yield (up to 75 %) of fractions of the demanded size without superfluous mill
* Minimum rub of construction materials






1 cm = 7 mkm



1 cm = 100 mkm

Stainless steel 

1 cm = 400 mkm


1 cm = 50 mkm