The physico-mechanical properties of dispersed materials, and also their consumer qualities are connected to the form of a particle, particle composition of powders.
The new know-how realised in rotor-vortex ovalizator INOXROLL.
The process of processing takes place at mutual impacts of particless in the gas vortexes created in a specially organized zone of the vehicle and results in shear of ledges, destruction of defective fragments and them ovalization.
Rotor-vortex ovalizator INOXROLL provides:
* Contents of fragments with the spherical form up to 95 -100 %
* Increase of bulk weight up to 80 -90 % from theoretically possiblee)
* Mechano-chemical activation of surface layer of a fragment
* Processing of powders of any hardness

The main characteristics:
* Power supply voltage                          V                 380
* Consumed power                                kW             1,5
* Productivity(output)                             kg / hour      up to 10

Ovalizators INOXROLL are simple in circulation and reliable in activity by vehicles and allow to content(fit) the increasing requirements to quality of the received product.

Areas of application:

Ovalizator is intended for usage in high-technological productions and labs. The ovalizator structure allows to conduct scaling and adapting under the requirements of the Customer.