In difference from conventional mills, which used grinding bodies, INOXMILLvortex provides grinding of materials without superfluous mill with obtaining of a high output of a product with the specific primary size of particles. The crushing occurs at repeated mutual collisions of particles in the specially created gas flow.

Distinctive advantages:
    Capability to monitor a particle-size composition
    Smooth start
    Vibro-deadening system
    Small rub of constructional materials
Main characteristics:
    The fineness of a raw material       mm    Up to 2
    The fineness of a product              mkm  5 -1000
Controllability of a particle-size composition
    (share of a specific fraction)            % 75
    Productivity                                   Kg / hour From 10  

Areas of application:

The mill is simple in using and reliable, is intended for use in Hi-Tech manufactures and laboratories. The construction of a INOXMILLvortex allows scaling and adaptation for a satisfaction of the requirements of the Customer.