INOX Ltd. is created in 1992 as base structure on applied research and industrial development of scientific achievements of Russian academy of sciences and enterprises of a military-industrial complex. The main direction of the activity of Inox Ltd. is development of the high technologies, creating power potential of growth of competitive manufactures. The Company has steady business connections with many scientific and engineering centers.One of orientations of activity of the Company is development and manufacture of the equipment for up-to-date highly effective technologies of reception and processing of dispersal mate-rials. The equipment suits the main consumer requirements:

Production of the company is successfully applied in high-technologised manufactures: a high quality grinding and polishing, optical manufacture, powder metallurgy, manufacturing of the diamond and superhard tool, manufacture of ceramics, pharmaceutics, nuclear and electronic industry.
The equipment, made By the company, encompasses all technological stages of processing of the materials: from a raw material to the powder product and is intended for applying in Hi-Tech productions and labs.









    CRUSHERS: cheek, conical, roll, knife 
    GRINDING MILLS: planetary, rotor, centrifugal, rotor-vortex 
    OVALIZATORS: for supersolid materials, for preparation of building materials 
    CLASSIFIERS: for allocation of narrow ranged fractions 

    The equipment is suitable for processing of materials of any hardness, is furnished with vibro-deadening and smooth start systems. 
    The applying of the rotor-vortex mill provides a capability of milling with obtaining of high yield of the product with the preferential size of particles, creates unique capabilities of monitor of the parameters of the powders and allows to guarantee: 
    * Quality particles composition - effective exception of a coarse fraction 
    * Isometricity of the particles (on demand), not less, 95 % 
    * Heightened bulk weight up to 80 - 90 % of theoretically possible

* Silicon carbide
* Corundum
* Quartz
* Boron carbide etc.
With heightened requirements to fractional composition in accordance with Specification:(see the specification)
    - main fraction, %, not less,                 75
    - coarse fraction, % no more,              5
At maintenance of the heightened requirements to isometric of a particle (95-100 %) the fraction of the main fraction in powders can be increased up to 80 - 90 %.
The powders deliver in volumes from 200 mls. For primary inspection with micro-abrasive powders the Company affords signal samples.

                                Follow-up WE TENDER:
* Delivery of a abrasive tools under the individual requirements
* Service in processing of raw (metallical and non-metallic)
* Dyes, etc.

Our know-hows, the equipment and the materials will increase efficiency of your production.


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