The quality of the abrasive materials and products received from powders, is determined by particle-size composition of used raw material.
The classifier INOXGRADE is intended for dry separation of powders into narrow ranged fractions.
The principle of separation is based on using of balance of two forces - centrifugal and Stock`s force, - influencing on a particle in a dividing unit. The presence of a zone of vortex dispersion of an initial powder enables to increase efficiency of separation on the fractions.
The classifier INOXGRADE provides:
    Absence in the allocated fraction with the mean size D, particles with the size more than 1,5 D
    Small rub, less than 0,01 %
    Automatic selection of operational mode of the apparatus
    High efficiency
    Separation of powders of any density and hardness
Main characteristics:
    Power supply voltage                        V              220
    Consumed power                              kW           Up to 1,5
    The size of sorted particles                 mkm         2-40
    Step of separation
In the field of 2 - 10                                mkm         2-3
In the field of 10 - 20                              mkm         4-6
In the field of 20 - 40                              mkm         8 -10
    Productivity (depending on                 kg / hour   0,3-2
dispersion and density of a material)
The classifiers INOXGRADE are simple in using and reliable and allow to satisfy the growing requirements to quality of a received product, and provide:
    Efficiency of capital investments
    Energy saving, ecological pure manufacture
    Improvement of existing technology

                                                             Areas of application:

The classifier is intended for using in Hi-Tech manufactures and laboratories. The apparatus can be adapted under the requirements of the Customer.