INOX Ltd. is created in 1992 as base structure on applied research and industrial development of scientific achievements of Russian academy of sciences and enterprises of a military-industrial complex. The main direction of the activity of Inox Ltd. is development of the high technologies, creating power potential of growth of competitive manufactures.


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Powders, Microabrasive powders, metallic powders, fractions, FEPA, abrasive material, polishing, abrasive manufacturing, honing, crushing, milling, grading, separation, classification, pressing, baking, sedimentation, sieve, mill, crusher, diamonds, corundum, quartz, silicon carbide, Tungsten, Molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten carbide, tool, powder metallurgy, optical industry, electronic industry, machine building, machine tool building, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, ceramics, filter. Приборы для контроля качества ГСМ, анализаторы качества ГСМ.

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